Avoid collisions with opposite driving cars in arcade style driving game.

Mad racing is a classic 2D top-dow, high speed, retro-inspired racing game that gives you experience of old school arcade gameplay. 
Your gas pedal is stuck AGAIN! Drive up the highway in wrong direction and try to avoid collisions with opposite driving cars as long as you can. Since it is aracade, you won’t need special skills to drive.
Compete as a ghost driver in very arcade style top-down view driving game.
Beat your best score or compare yourself with other players as online leaderboards are avaliable.

– Arcade style classic top down view 2d racing
– Realistic engine sounds
– Lots of cars
– Endless game
– Drive in different places, beach, woods and the desert
– Avoid oposite driving cars
– For Kids and Adults
– Free racing game
– Simple controls with phone tilt

Whats new?
– added realistic engine sound
– new cars,
– new levels,
– improved gameplay
Tags: retro racing, speed, super-fun racing, classic 2D top-down view
Long name: Mad racing: 2D retro arcade racing game